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  • Music Video
  • Wedding / Events
  • Promotional
  • Commercial
  • Documentary
  • Web Content
    Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Business Branding
  • Brochures / Pamphlets
  • Album / Book Covers
  • Posters / Flyers
  • Website Design

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries regarding a service or photograph you are interested in. I'm happy to provide a full price breakdown and job description, as well as answer any questions.


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Alex Nye's window Seat 4D is one of those exquisite dual-pleasure photographs that appear seemingly by accident (not to discount the artists ability to see). On the one hand-at first glance-just to be able to share Nye's dizzying window seat vision is a remarkable experience. On the other hand-after a second look-it's even more remarkable to become transformed into the passanger of an airborn monster (the wing suddenly turns into the tail of a gigantic fish). It's the extraordinary aspect of Nye's image that it so eliquently exemplifies the unique dual capabilities of photography: its ability to record reality with scientific accuracy while simultaneously capturing another world-imaginary, fictional, surrealistic.
Henry Rasmussen (Founder, Black and White Magazine)
Alex Nye is creative, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. He strives to make the final product reflect your vision by listening to you and discussing ways to make your vision a reality. Alex took raw video footage of a conference and produced an Educational DVD for me. I live in England and our work was done via email, internet and phone. He is brilliant, professional and fun to work with. I would highly recommend Alex to fulfill all your needs.
Jill Need (SCHC)
I had a presentation to make in Los Angeles and wanted to film it with a multi-camera set-up. I used local contacts to find Alex Nye Art. The crew was cordial, professional, and the footage they edited is top quality. Their quick turnaround fed right into a tight post-production schedule. No complaints; I only wish they could make me look thinner.
Joan Bigwood (Author)
I first came into contact with Alex Nye when he was referred to me as a truly innovative talent in terms of his originality with logo designs. I gave him little more than my portfolio to work with, and he was able to encapsulate my personality as an artist and translate it into a multitude of ideas for a graphic direction. Alex effectively incorporated all of the comments and criticisms I had throughout the process, and was able to render these ideas into the beautifully simplistic logo that I now proudly use today. His creative prowess was only surpassed by his professionalism and passion for excellence.

You can expect Alex to blow your mind with his hard work and creativity on any project you do with him. Alex has consistently exceeded my expectations with all the work he has done for me in terms of timeliness and quality. I highly recommend Alex for graphic design (album covers) as well as filming and editing (music videos).

I asked Alex to create a logo for my new online business. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for, so he sent me a bunch of ideas he had sketched. I told him certain things that I liked about a few of the designs, and from there we were able to develop a logo that we are now both incredibly enthusiastic about. From the beginning he was more than willing to work collaboratively. If you need a breath taking, customized logo that is a work of art, Alex Nye is undoubtedly the guy to go to.

Alex Nye has a wide range of expertise in creating what I envisioned. Alex was always going above and beyond to be sure that we were on the same page with designs and all the while being personable and fun to work with.

He's the best!